Friday, October 14, 2005

An Incident that was told to me (LP Tuad)

Hello everyone.

I would like to thank crazyred121 for writing to me and telling me about her personal experience with LP Tuad. I would also like to thank her for giving me permission (without my asking for it) to post her experience in my blog.

First, something about crazyred121:
1) She is a Singaporean female enthusiast/fan of Thai amulets. It is truly rare to find a girl like her in Singapore who can appreciate Thai amulets.
2) At the time of this posting, she is young (20 years of age this year, 2005) and from her internet photo, seems quite pretty to me.
3) Please see her blog here:

This is the email she had sent me:

"Hello! I read your blog and came to learn about the history of LP Tuad. indeed after reading about this great monk, I begin to respect and understand why LP Tuad is so widely respected...
He has such a compassionate heart to bless those worthy of his help & protection even though some of them are wearing fake amulets.
You can post this incident if you like. On Sept 2004, I cannot recall the date, I was sitting on my friend's bike and this guy and girl was on another bike. Both bikes were speeding at PIE when this taxi crashed sideway to the other bike. I watch with my own eyes the girl who is my close friend fly out of the bike while the guy slide over a long distance with the bike. Thanks god there was no cars behind us if not... The taxi crashed into them so hard and seeing her flying in the air like that, I thought she is going to die.
She and her bf substained injuries and her bf had a few stiches on his legs.Both are otherwise, safe and sound. Both are wearing LP Tuad amulets. the guy just put the amulet which he got THAT day in his t-shirt pocket. the crash has his helmet flying off his head but the big impact did not make the amulet drop out.
Hence, I believe LP Tuad saved my friends. Even the docters were amazed that they did not suffer a broken arm or leg."

Thanks crazyred121, I really appreciate your email =)

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