Sunday, September 18, 2005

Compassion of LP Tuad

(Johnson's M16 batch LP Tuad. It reputedly protected a Thai from M16 gunfire and this was published in Thai newspapers)

I heard it from a friend (Eugene Tan) that he heard this from a seller of amulets. This seller of amulets has a friend working in the mortuary in Bangkok. According to the amulet seller's friend, he has never seen an amulet of LP Tuad on any body that has died from accidents.

This amulet seller also said that Arjaan Tim (or Luang Phor Tim) has said that LP Tuad has communicated to him (I am unsure as to how, but possibly through a manifestion of his presence) that he will even protect those worthy of protection if they are wearing fake amulets of LP Tuad. This shows LP Tuad's great compassion indeed.

I heard another story from my friend Johnson. Johnson has said that he met an interesting person in an amulet shop in Singapore. This person (who has his own business and is self-employed; he owns a flower business or something?) knows black magic (probably of an eastern tradition or system). This person wanted to see which of his amulets can protect him from black magic. So he cast black magic on himself while one by one testing his amulets (by wearing them I suppose). He found out that only his LP Tuad amulets protected him from black magic.

Then he became curious and wondered if his fake LP Tuad amulets would offer him the same protection. Again, he tested his fake LP Tuad amulets.

To his astonishment, even his fake LP Tuad amulets protected him.

Author's Note (that is, my note to readers here):
No amulet, no matter how powerful, can or will protect a person who is to suffer the effects of his past bad karma. Holy amulets will not protect those who have evil in their hearts. In fact, no amulet or magical item can protect those who have done too much evil and it is time for them to suffer the effects of their bad karma. No God or Demon can protect evil beings from their bad Karma.


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